About Luma Hair Removal And Skin Care Spa

Who We Are

Our Vision

All About Results

Luma is a results-oriented beauty spa that focuses on a wide range of aesthetic and non-invasive cosmetic procedures to make you feel your best. We cater to a diverse clientele and specialize in customized treatments that deliver results, all while providing the best in customer service.

Three Promises.

Customer Service

We strive to always provide the best service possible, tailored for each customer. We only provide services we believe will be effective and meet the customer's goals.

Diversity & Inclusivity

We value inclusivity and try our best to cater to everyone.


We are all about community: the one we come from, the one we're located in, and the one we create at our spa. And we love serving our community every way that we can!

Empowering Our Clients

Unique Bodies with Unique Stories

Operated by a team of highly qualified doctors and providers, Luma is all about individual client satisfaction. Why? Because Results matter to us! We never recommend procedures unless we are 100% convinced they will work. Every client brings a unique body with a unique story. We are here to do our do-diligence and bring you the customized results you deserve.

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